Bettyhill, Sutherland, 25 July 1883 - James Murray

JAMES MURRAY, Labourer, Cattlefield (47)—examined.

26196. The Chairman.
—Were you present on the occasion on which Alexander MacHardy stopped at the door of your mother's house ?

26197. Were you in the house or outside of it?
—I was inside and outside at the same time. Mr MacHardy was in and outside and he spoke of it outside too.

26198. Be very careful to recollect as exactly as possible what passed?
—The words mentioned as far as I can remember were these —that the factor sent him on purpose for her not to go out to vote that election day—if we wanted the factor's favour not to go.

26199. I want to understand this, whatever the ground officer did say, was the impression left upon your mind and the mind of this woman, that she was asked not to go if she wished to have the factor's favour?

26200. Is that the impression under which you remained?
—Yes; true.

26201. How did the old woman take the message; how did she understand it?
—[Mrs Murray]. She understood it that he did not want her to go to vote for the person she intended to give her vote to.

26202. But she did go?

26203. Was anything done to her afterwards for having gone?
—Not at the time.

26204. How long afterwards was it?
—I don't recollect;—some years.

26205. How do you know that what was done three years afterwards had any connection with her vote?
—I cannot say, only there were no arrears except one, and there were others two years in arrears who were not summoned out.

26206. Whom was the land given to?
—It was given to her son.

26207. The son of your mother-in-law?

26208. Is he in it still?
—He did not get it because the widow was not put out; but he was ordered to get it by the factor.

26209. And has the widow got it still?

26210. In the long run nobody seems to have been much hurt?
—[Rev. Mr Mackenzie]. Did your mother-in-law become ill?

26211. The Chairman.
—Did she get better again?

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