Bettyhill, Sutherland, 25 July 1883 - John Mackay

JOHN MACKAY, Contractor, Hereford (61)—examined.

26162. The Chairman.
—Have you been elected a delegate?
—Yes. The good people of this district, knowing the interest I take in the class from which I sprang, elected me a delegate and sent for me to come here from England. But I am also a delegate appointed by the natives of Sutherland in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Queensland, and Ceylon, to represent them before this Commission when it visited Sutherland. Having regard to your time now I shall defer making any observations that I had to make to another occasion, when I hope I shall have the pleasure of meeting you in another district, and of submitting myself to any examination the members may wish.

26163. Where shall we have the pleasure of meeting you again?
—Very likely in Inverness.

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