Bonar Bridge, Sutherland, 9 October 1883 - Murdo Munro

MURDO MUNRO, Crofter, Goirileid, Ospisdale (73)—examined.

40044. Mr Fraser-Mackintosh.
—Whom do you represent here to-day?
—I appear only for myself.

40045. What have you to say for yourself?
—I have taken in all my own land, and my rent has been increased.

40046. What rent do you pay now?

40047. What was it before?
—When I came first it was Is.

40048. How long ago?
—Forty years ago.

40049. What were the different rises put upon you from the Is. till it came to the £ 6?
—After I had been there two or three years it was made £ 1 . A few years after that £2 more was added, and, lastly, £3 was added, making it £6.

40050. When you went to the place forty years ago, I suppose there was no land there reclaimed?
—No; I took in all the land and built the house.

40051. Who is the proprietor?
—Mr Gilchrist.

40052. Is it the same family that have raised your rent from the Is. to the £6?

40053. Who was the proprietor at the time you paid the Is.?
—Major Gilchrist.

40054. What extent of land have you reclaimed which you labour at present?
—I believe six acres at least, but I cannot be sure.

40055. What extent of pasture land have you got?
—I have no hill pasture.

40056. Did you put up all the buildings that are on your croft?
—I built them all at my own expense.

40057. Are there any other people on the same estate complaining like you of their rents being raised in the same proportion or otherwise?
—I don't know.

40058. Does the proprietor live in the country?
—Yes, sometimes.

40059. Did you go to the landlord and remonstrate against the rent that was put upon you?
—Yes, I told him I was too highly rented.

40060. What answer did you get?
—He put it by. He said I was not.

40061. What stock are you able to keep on that land you have got?
—Two little cows.

40062. Any sheep?

40063. Have you a horse?

40064. Have you no outrun of any kind?
—Yes, some pasture, but not good.

40065. Does it belong to yourself, or have you merely a share of it?
—I have a share of the common hill pasture.

40066. The Chairman.
—When your rent was raised a second time, was the name of your son or any member of the family put into the estate book ?

40067. There was no security that your son will succeed you in the place?

40068. What would you think a fair rent?
—I think it would be dear enough at £ 3; it is bad land.

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