Appendix XCII


25th January 1884.

SIR,—Will you have the goodness to submit the enclosed resolutions to the Royal Commission.
—I have the honour to be, Sir, you obedient Servant,

The Secretary,
Royal Commission (Highlands and Islands).

Resolutions passed at a meeting of crofters and fishermen, held near Lochinver, Sutherlandshire, on the 24th January 1884.

1. That the attention of the Royal Commission for the Highlands ought to be called to the following facts :—

2. That although a large body of herring has for the last two months been in all the lochs on this coast, from Cape Wrath to Ullapool, the fishing has been comparatively unremunerative, owing to the want of proper communication with the south, and the necessary facilities for prosecuting the fìshing,—such as quays, stores of salt, and barrels, &c.

3. That at Lochinver about 1000 crans were landed in one day, which had to be sold at 3s. the cran for the reasons stated in the foregoing resolution; and that in some of the other lochs the fishing had to be given up because there were no means of curing the herring, nor could they be sold at prices which would pay the damage to the nets.

4. That the fishing on this coast is being prosecuted under very great disadvantages and discouragement, and that the consequence has been a loss of several thousand pounds within the last two months.

5. And that this meeting desires humbly to request the Royal Commission to press upon the Government the necessity of giving, without delay, proper facilities and encouragement for the prosecution of the fishing on this coast.

6. That the Chairman of this meeting, Rev. N. N. Mackay, Lochinver, be requested to send these resolutions to the Secretary of the Royal Commission.

Chairman of the meeting.

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