Golspie, Sutherland, 8 October 1883 - William Campbell

Written statement
The Grievances of William Campbell, tenant-farmer, Edin, Rogart.

1 . Having no road coming to the place, only the liberty of crossing the river at a ford, which is not passable, but very seldom during the winter and spring quarters of the year. An application had been presented to the Duke for a track of road to the place, the answer given by the factor was, if I would pay interest for the making a road it would be granted.

2. In consequence of this disadvantage, the farm offices are in perfect ruin for the want of a road to drive the materials for their building. Another hardship endured is paying £6 of interest for the money not expended for the farm offices during the currency of the lease.

3. Increasing the rent. When occupied by my father the rent was £9. When he died the place was measured, and the rent raised to £20 a year. The half of the arable land now is reclaiming ground, for which no compensation was paid

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