Golspie, Sutherland, 8 October 1883 - John Miller

JOHN MILLER, Crofter, Gruids (74)—examined.
39582. The Chairman.
—How long have you been in the occupation of a croft at Gruids?
—I have been there since I was born.

39533. Since you have been there has any of the common pasture of the township been taken away?
—Yes, a long time ago.

39584. Is it since the family of Matheson got the estate, or was it before they got the estate?
—It was after Sir James' time that the hill was last taken from us.

39585. Mr Fraser-Mackintosh
—How many years ago?
—Upwards of twenty years ago.

39586. Was there a good piece taken away?
—Yes, two or three miles of hill.

39587. Who got it?
—Mr Sellar, who was a sheep farmer there.

39588. Have they got it back?

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