Golspie, Sutherland, 8 October 1883 - William Innes

WILLIAM INNES, Crofter, Gruids (58)—examined.

39576. The Chairman.
—The point I want to ask you about is this. In a statement that was presented it was said that in your township a portion of the common pasture had been taken away twenty-six years ago, and had been added to a farm?

39577. The factor, Mr Fraser, came and stated absolutely that none of the common pasture was ever taken away from the crofters in your township at all during the time of Sir James Matheson's proprietorship?
—Yes, it was taken away from them twenty-six years ago.

39578. A portion of the common pasture?
—Yes, miles of it.

39579. To whom was it given?
—Mr Sellar, and Mr Fraser, the factor.

39580. And it had always been used before by the crofters?
—Yes. since my grandfather's time.

39581. Had they paid rent for it along with the crofts?

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